11 different colours and results from natural to bold.

What are Color Fresh Masks?

Wella Professionals Color Fresh Masks are a temporary colour – depositing mask to spice up your hair between salon appointments, with 7 natural looking shades and 4 vibrant ones to choose from.

The natural shades can be used to revive and refresh with natural enhancements. A pleasant fragrance and nourishing ingredients that will leave your hair feeling healthy. While the bold and vibrant shades have the same pleasant fragrance and nourishing ingredients leaving your hair feeling healthy, will also make your colour do all the talking.

The 4 Vibrant Shades are:

  1. Mint – fresh mint, makes a statement.
  2. Red – transforms blonde and pre-lightened hair.
  3. Blue – transforms pre-lightened hair.
  4. Pink – transforms pre-lightened hair.

No animal derived ingredients and free from silicones.

It fades true to tone.

A hair conditioning mask that colours!

As hydrating as it is statement-making, this nourishing treatment is so much more than a mask. In just 10 minutes it can boost your professional colour or lend a playful twist of colour to your locks, all while delivering moisture.

Available to buy right now from our online shop @ £15.70 and are suitable for most hair colours.